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Lucy Greenwood has served as chair, sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator and emergency arbitrator in a range of arbitrations. She has acted as counsel or arbitrator in over 60 matters.

The arbitrations she has participated in have involved: transportation of heavy oil, renewables, consideration of complex contractual provisions regarding pricing and liquidated damages, emergency proceedings in relation to joint operating agreement disputes, energy exploration and developments and FPSO facilities offshore, fracking disputes and rig lease agreements, emergency proceedings to secure release of land based drilling rig; construction of major power projects, construction of mines, manufacture of buoyancy devices and maritime chains, design and construction of FPSOs, delay damages, completion certificates, exercise of performance bonds/guarantees and the validity of variation orders; sports licensing issues, non payment of royalty obligations, software licenses, IT patent licensing disputes, license and distribution agreement relating to friction materials, polyethylene tubing, joint venture agreements and royalty issues, agency dispute regarding professional sports management, IP rights in the music industry, telecommunications, soft drinks and aircraft, charterparty arbitrations; financial services issues including market timing, IPOs and insurance disputes.  

Selected examples of experience are set out below. For complete information, download Arbitrator Greenwood’s CV above.

Energy, Construction, Engineering, Mining and Shipping

•       President of ICC arbitration involving classification of repairs in the shipping industry and complex questions of contractual interpretation under English law.

•       President of ICC energy arbitration under Texas law in relation to the interpretation of a Contribution Agreement..

• Chair of tribunal in AAA arbitration seated in Houston involving producing and refining of waxy crude oil, claims and counterclaims in excess of $250 million dollars and consideration of complex contractual provisions regarding pricing and liquidated damages under Texas law.  

• Chair of tribunal in LCIA energy arbitration with over $8 million in dispute.

•         Emergency arbitrator in an ICDR energy arbitration with claims of over $100 million involving over 95,000 acres of land, water rights and saltwater disposal wells and the interpretation and construction of a complex Confidentiality Agreement together with issues of specific performance and declaratory relief.

• Party appointed arbitrator in oil and gas ICC arbitration seated in London under English law with claims over $20 million.

•         Party appointed arbitrator in ICC arbitration involving claims in excess of $30 million arising out of construction works for a power project.   

•         Chair of tribunal in multi million dollar ICDR arbitration between international parties in relation to energy exploration and development offshore, involving agency and corruption issues under Florida and Brazilian law.

•         Represented Peruvian Energy Company in ICC Emergency Arbitrator proceeding under English law involving a joint operating agreement dispute regarding cash calls.

•         $400 million dispute between Brazilian company and Spanish company arising out of the design and construction of a floating production and storage facility involving free standing hybrid risers in the Gulf of Mexico and involving complex questions of Louisiana and Texas law.

•         Lead counsel in an ICDR arbitration between Mexican and US companies in relation to the supply of materials for fracking under Texas law.

•         Ad hoc energy arbitration seated in Halifax, Canada, under Nova Scotia law.

•         Represented a major international oil and gas company in relation to a joint operating agreement dispute in relation to offshore West Africa.

•         Co-lead counsel in ICDR arbitration against a Georgian oil producer involving rig lease agreement.

•         Application for ICDR emergency measures to secure the release of the client’s oil rig from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

•         ICC arbitration arising under a Joint Operating Agreement for a petroleum block in Peru involving issues of environmental remediation.

•         Ad hoc arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 for a US energy company against a Bermudan re-insurer, seat in London, New York substantive law.

•         UNCITRAL arbitration conducted under Trinidadian law between a major Texan oil producer and a Trinidadian state entity involving exploitation of oil and gas interests off the coast of Trinidad with $30 million in dispute.

•         ICC arbitration under Indian law between a French company and a State entity involving the design, construction and subsequent collapse of a coal mine in India involving over $50 million in claims.

•         UNCITRAL arbitration under English law between an independent contractor and a major oil and gas producer in relation to disputes arising out of the hire of an oil rig for drilling off the coast of India.

•         Advised on multi-million dollar manufacturing dispute between Korean and US parties relating to the manufacture of buoyancy devices for drilling.

•         Acted for a consortium of banks in cross border litigation and freezing orders in relation to a US$10 billion IPO of Rosneft relating to former assets of Yukos oil company.

•         Advised a major company in relation to claims by individuals of cancer caused by working in its tin mining factories including reference to Dispute Review Boards.

Media, Licensing, Distributorship, Agency, Transport and Services

•        Member of three arbitrator panel under the ICDR rules relating to a licensing and distribution dispute involving questions of anticipatory breach under Texas law.

•         Member of a three arbitrator panel under the AAA rules relating to telecommunications involving indemnity provisions under Missouri law.

•         Chair of an arbitration panel constituted under the CPR rules relating to an international distribution agreement, involving warranty claims, joint venture agreements and royalty issues under Texas law.

•         Co-arbitrator in a challenge review tribunal relating to a challenged arbitrator involving issues of contingency fees and services.

• Sole arbitrator in a ad hoc arbitration relating to consumer services.

•         Emergency arbitrator in ICDR proceedings relating to sports licensing issues, involving non payment of royalty obligations under Texas law.

•         Sole arbitrator in an ICC arbitration between US and Jamaican parties relating to software licenses involving complex contractual issues under the laws of British Columbia.

•         Sole arbitrator in an arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 relating to allegations of mis-representation in the services industry.

•         Member of three arbitrator panel in a complex IT patent licensing AAA arbitration under Texas law between Taiwanese and Canadian parties.

•         Sole arbitrator in a dispute under the ABTA Arbitration Scheme.

•         Sole arbitrator in a complex ICDR international arbitration between Swiss and Florida parties in relation to healthcare licensing under Florida law.

•         Sole arbitrator in an ad hoc arbitration relating to allegations of mis-representation and breach of contract under the Arbitration Act 1996.

•         Sole arbitrator in a travel services arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996.

•         Sole arbitrator in relation to an agency dispute relating to professional sports management under ICDR Rules.

•         Sole arbitrator in an ad hoc services arbitration involving media intrusion and breach of contract.

•         Counsel in a complex multi-million dollar LCIA arbitration in relation to a contractual dispute over a joint venture relating to telecommunications in Estonia under English law.

•         Counsel ICDR arbitration involving a Texas-based international music and a European company regarding issues of breaches of intellectual property rights.

•         Represented an international media group in an ICC arbitration under Hungarian law.

•         Acted for a major soft drinks manufacturer in relation to an ICC arbitration relating to the construction of a distribution agreement under Chilean law.

•         ICC arbitration conducted under Swiss law in relation to a contractual dispute over sports licensing.

•         ICC arbitration under English law for a Romanian state entity against an aircraft manufacturer.

•         Successfully defended a challenge to an ICC arbitration award before the English Commercial Court under section 68 of the Arbitration Act 1996 involving airlines and allegations of corruption. (Cameroon Airlines v Transnet Ltd).

•         Acted for a major investment bank in relation to civil and criminal proceedings in Italy to clawback €290 million and to recover €2.2 billion.

Sovereign Disputes

•         Represented a major Canadian energy producer in a complex arbitration brought under the Canada-Venezuela Bilateral Investment Treaty and conducted under the UNCITRAL rules and subsequently ICSID Additional Facility Rules.

•         Co-lead Counsel in multi million dollar NAFTA arbitration for a major international oil company against Canada under the ICSID Arbitration Rules involving the application of regulatory guidelines.

•         Represented a North-American corporation in an investment dispute against a Latin American government.

•         Advised a major international oil company on questions of international law in relation to a gas fields in the Middle East and claims under bilateral investment treaties.

•         Advised an independent North American oil and gas exploration, development and production company on the bilateral investment treaty implications of the restructuring of its investment in a major offshore oil field.

•         Advised clients regarding host country instruments and bilateral and multilateral investments treaties including NAFTA and the Energy Charter Treaty.

•         Obtained emergency injunctive relief of over $1 billion from the English court in support of an arbitration in Switzerland in relation to Qatari sovereign parties. (State of Qatar v Al-Thani).

•         Represented an investment group as the claimants’ counsel in arbitration proceedings under the UNCITRAL Rules in London and the litigation initiated by the respondent in Russia. Simultaneous proceedings in the UK and Russia, as well as criminal proceedings initiated against the former Governor of the Kaliningrad Oblast.

Lucy received her BA, Law, Trinity Hall from Cambridge University in 1994, in 1995 completed the Legal Practice Course, College of Law, Chester; and in 1996 received her MA in Law, Trinity Hall from Cambridge University. Lucy qualified in 1998 as Solicitor in England and Wales, in 2008 as a Foreign Legal Consultant through the State Bar of Texas and in 2011 was appointed a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. She was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 2016. In 2018 she was appointed a Chartered Arbitrator.