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What's happening.

I have been elected as a Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Delighted to announce that I am now a Chartered Arbitrator: the highest qualification awarded by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

I was honoured to receive the 2018 CPR Award for Outstanding Contributions to Diversity in International Dispute Resolution.

The Alliance for Equality in Dispute Resolution has been shortlisted for Best Development of 2018 by Global Arbitration Review.

I enjoyed being interviewed by Law360 on the progress of women in international arbitration.

Look out for my interview in the E-Solver - "Houston or London?" What a question!

The Energy Conference in Houston was a great success.  A full report is available on the CIArb website of this website. 

I was delighted to be shortlisted, together with my co-authors, for a GAR Award for our Puppies or Kittens Article.  Take a minute to read my article for the Kluwer Arbitration Blog on the Transparency and Diversity focus of the nominees for this year's GAR Awards for innovation. Article here

I was honoured to be interviewed as part of the Global Pound Conference "Ask an Expert" series.

An interesting decision out of Illinois came to my attention recently - Urquart v Kurlan - brings into sharp focus the occasional practice of arbitrators at the end of a hearing asking the parties whether they had a full opportunity to present their case. In this matter,  the arbitrators asked both sides if “each party has had a chance to present a full and fair presentation of your respective cases.”  Wachtel, representing Kurlan, stated, “I think to the best of our ability we tried to do that.  Obviously, as I mentioned before, we would have liked to have spoken with a few more people and had a little more time to come to grips.  As best we could, I believe we presented the best and fullest case we could.”  The court held "that this concession, when given the opportunity to present objections to the alleged fundamental unfairness on the record, effectively operates as a waiver of Kurlan and VTrader’s argument that the arbitrators deprived Kurlan and VTrader of a fundamentally fair proceeding."  It will be fascinating to see if there is an appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.